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So why get a one jack headset with mic? Well, the basic headset that comes with many gaming systems is functional, but they’ll hardly give you an immersive experience. They’re not comfortable to wear, first of all, and the sound quality is poor, which can make it harder to really get into the game. A simple one-jack headset is a great option to try instead. They’re easier to use, more comfortable to wear, and can be surprisingly affordable, too.

You’ll be using the headset to chat as well as listen, so an easy to use and high-quality mic is a must-have. The ears are the part of you most likely to get uncomfortable when you wear a headset for a long time, so pay attention to the shape and amount of the padding.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best one jack headsets with mic on the market:

Sades SA935 Headset with Mic

The versatility of the SA935 from Sades is impressive, especially considering the price. It comes with a splitter for the 3.5mm audio jack that makes it compatible with computers as well as gaming systems and recording equipment. The volume controls are positioned directly on the ear piece and the microphone is adjustable so it’s pretty convenient to use, too.

These headphones give a very good sound reproduction, precise and detailed with an impressive amount of bass (see full specs). While they don’t have any noise cancellation technology built-in, the padding cups your ears to block out the majority of background noise.

The padding on the ear pieces also makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The headband across the top is stretchable and can fit any size of head. They’re ergonomic and the material used in the construction is skin-friendly to prevent irritation even after long use. If your main demands out of a headset are sound quality and comfort, this Sades model will satisfy on both points.

Votron Over-Ear Stereo Headphones with Mic

If the main thing you’re looking for is broad compatibility with a wide range of devices, this headset from Votron has you covered. It not only gives you the 3.5mm audio jack and a splitter to use it with computers, but you’ll also get the option of plugging it in using USB. This expands your compatibility options greatly.

The ear pieces on this headset used a completely enclosed design that’s effective at blocking out ambient noise. The microphone is also great at capturing only your voice and none of the other sounds in the room. It can also be bent to be closer to your mouth, with a 120 degree range of vertical adjustment so you can speak naturally when you’re using it.

While the headband might look like rigid plastic, it’s actually a highly flexible material that can be twisted and bent without breaking. This makes it very easy to adjust to match your comfort level, although it will not fit particularly large heads as well as cloth models. The cool LED lights on the sides are just the icing on the cake. This is one of the best one jack headsets with mics for the money.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset with Mic

The sleek design of this headset is the first thing you’ll notice. It’s far more streamlined than most gaming headsets, slimmer and lighter so it’s easier to store and transport—and more comfortable to wear in long sessions. The angle of the earpieces can be adjusted along with the height and width of the headband, making it easier to customize the feel of it.

The sound on the HyperX headphones is designed for true immersion. Like other models, it gives you volume controls directly on the earpiece so you don’t have to interrupt your session to adjust it. The swivel to mute function on the microphone makes it easy to toggle on and off. Both headphones and microphone use noise cancellation technology so you’ll get a true sound with no interference.

This headset is compatible out of the box with a wide range of devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gaming systems. It’s also compatible with most computers and smart phones, giving you the same audio quality across devices. If you want a headset that’s good for gaming and then some, the Cloud Stinger is your best overall choice.

Cheerwing SA-920 One Jack Headset with Mic

If your main consideration is value, the SA-920 from Cheerwing costs less than twenty bucks and still has pretty much everything you could need in a headset. It’s a plug and play headset that’s compatible with all the major systems and devices, making it an easy choice for value and versatility.

The foldable microphone makes this headset easier to store. It’s not as easy to adjust as other models, and may give you a bit more background noise than some of the more expensive headsets. The voice capture is still clear and audible, though, and the 40mm driver gives you a full sound reproduction for music and effects.

The leather cushioning on the earpieces and headband makes these comfortable for wear for hours at a time. The headband is adjustable, though not as flexible as most costlier models. This is certainly a more streamlined headset design overall, but it can’t be beat for the price. This should belong on anyone’s list of the best one jack headsets with mics.

Which Headset to Choose

If you want a truly immersive experience, noise cancellation can be a nice feature. You may not need it if your space is pretty quiet, but it can be especially helpful in a house with a family, roommates, or pets that like to make a lot of noise.

The other practical consideration is one of comfort. The quality level of the padding does tend to go up as you spend more money. The HyperX Cloud Stinger (see full specs), for example, is more comfortable during long sessions than the Cheerwing SA-920, especially if you have a larger head.

A lot of the time, your choice of headset will come down to personal style. The exterior design of a certain model may appeal to you more than the others, and there are certainly a lot of different options to choose from in this regard. Whichever factors play into your decision, you can’t go wrong with any of the four options above. They all qualify in their own way—price, features, etc.—as the best one jack headset with mic. In other words, they all deliver great sound and a responsive microphone so you can get into the game. Good luck!

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