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PHOTOS: Aged like fine bourbon. I worked up this finish to bring out the highlights in the curly maple with the feel and look of half century of use.

Lately I’ve been digging deeper into warm tones.

Warm, sweet and soulful. Keeping every ounce of clear percussive punch, but extending into the mids, low mids.

Roll off the highs into full throated moaning. Nuanced, expressive. Rounded with zero harshness. It’s better with overtones, right?

So I’ve begun with chambered alder. Stealth semi-hollow, topped by quarter-sawn master grade premium curly maple. There’s the resonance, sustain.

Special pickups, designed by Steve. Voiced toward PAFs — rich woody organic, with extra girth in 2/4 split positions. Supreme attention to detail in the treble bleed. Run wide open in overdrive and roll off to clean up.

Single spank retained, but with a whole lot more to play with. Country, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz. Take your time, there are new revelations each session.

Perfect for your next night down at the club.

PHOTOS: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ bridges machined from stainless steel. ToneStyler studio-grade true bypass EQ combines with 5-way switching. Custom OEM DiMarzio pickups designed by Steve Blucher.


PHOTOS: Patent pending Element™ neck machined from single billet aircraft aluminum never gets tired. Hipshot locking tuners for rapid string changes.


PHOTOS: Custom machined anodized aircraft aluminum control plate and knobs. Carbon fiber pickguard. Sweet curves give hours of comfortable playing.


PHOTO: Fretboard Flare™ neck technology provides plenty for wide expressive string bends and vibrato.


via Rick Toone https://ift.tt/2LrIntF