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Pladask Elektrisk KnivPladask Elektrisk is a great company out of Bergen, Norway.  A while back, I gave away a Pladask Elektrisk Gjengangar gated delay pedal. That pedal I was SO blown away, I actually bought one the day I reviewed it (since I was giving the reviewed pedal away). When it comes to pedal, I like when they have a unique characteristics that can inspire creativity. Pladask Elektrisk is all about that. When they contacted me to see if I was interested in the Kniv, I was very excited.


Opening the box, I had no idea what the Kniv was all about. Discovering pedals in this way can be super fun. The unit has a few controls, Kniv (on/off) and Feed footswitches. Dry, Loop and a center knob (feedback) for potentiometers, 2 toggle switches (D/0 and F/0) which adjusts the phase. Jacks included In, Out, S (send) and R (return).

Pladask Elektrisk Kniv

In the simplest terms this is a blending bypass loop for pedal. But man, it’s so much more than this. Expanding further, you have the ability to adjust the blend (adding more clean signal), but where it gets exciting, is the feedback control via the FEED footswitch (which can be set or momentarily with long press). The center knob controls the feedback applied to the loop – from 0 feedback to +14dB boost. So this pedal could be very utilitarian as a router, or it can do some interesting and creative things.

Check out this video:

This is the official description:

A utilitarian Swiss Army Knife. KNIV is a powerful active signal router consisting of a bypass looper with clean blend, and a feedbacker with expression pedal capability. The circuit utilizes a charge pump to increase the supply to 17V, in turn increasing the headroom.

In typical Pladask Elektrisk fashion, it got me thinking about possibilities.. but more importantly, I was instantly creating some weird things. I LOVE it when that happens. The Pladask Elektrisk Kniv sells for $160 USD which is a solid price for this unit! Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Pladask ElektriskDisclosure: this pedal was sent to me for review. This pedal will eventually be used in a give away in the future.

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