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PHOTOS: Figured cherry, figured maple, swamp ash, aircraft grade birch laminate, carbon fiber. Clean contemporary design lines on this headless Skele™.

Had to repel outta the ethereal world I’ve been in since the guitar arrived to type this email. Dude, you are totally insane! Mad scientist for real. Been playing guitar for 50 years, and hands down this Skele is the best guitar I’ve ever played.

If was possible to improve on the original, check! More weight and meat on the bone, which greatly improves the guitar tone acoustically and electrically, and compensates for the minimalist aesthetics of the instrument.

Almost sounds like a hollow body archtop unplugged, with very warm and deep sound. The neck is a string bender’s dream for country and blues, and legato lines are effortless as well. Key to it all is your Advantage Neck Profile™. Pure genius!

The fan easily allows for 5 or 6 fret chord voicings, even in the 1st position. No confusion when switching from a straight fretted instrument either. 24 frets completely opens up Tele playing into a new territory, with previously unavailable notes now at my fingertips.

Very very well done, my friend. You totally went above and beyond. Excuse my French, but this guitar is f#@king sick.

Thanks so much, Rick. Mind blowing!


VIDEOS: Chris Buono and Gabe Lopez make it look so easy.

Amazing job on Skele. So different from anything I’ve tried of yours, and in general. Quick response, almost acoustic-like. Such a unique overdriven tone.

LOVE that neck profile. Intonation is impeccable. Damn. Me and Ede (Wright) just spent an hour drooling over it. It’s so light weight and sounds AWESOME!

I find myself letting chords ring out after a hard strum and just stopping to enjoy the sounds…listening to the overtones it produces. Meditative in a way. It has great sustain to it. Some really special things going on inside this guitar. It has MOJO!

Also, another thing really awesome about this recording is that I used the same patch for both the rhythm and lead parts. A true testament to the dynamic response of this guitar!

Yeah…I’m gonna need a Skele guitar in the hear future. LOVE THIS THING! (Gabe Lopez)

PHOTOS: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridges precision machined from stainless steel and bearing bronze. OEM DiMarzio custom pickup designed by Steve Blucher.


via Rick Toone http://ift.tt/2CHTMMN