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PHOTOS: Patent pending Element™ fretless neck, precision machined from single billet aircraft aluminum. Patented Intonation Cantilever™ bridges, solid stainless steel. Swamp ash with Ocean Blue modern poly. Carbon fiber. EMG 89 pairs with Sustainiac and custom electronics designed by Alan Hoover and Adam Wilson.



First, thanks for letting me come pick up the guitar in person. It was very cool to see your east coast shop and your father’s historical woodworking tools — a glimpse into the origins of your luthiery skills!

My initial impressions of "Plectrodon" . . .

It behaves and looks *exactly* as we had planned and imagined, and wipes away all the shortcomings of the fretless guitar: I can tap or pluck the highest notes and get instant, high-energy sustain. Even without the Sustainiac engaged, notes above the octave on the highest two strings ring for a remarkably long time.

I noticed it is balanced in two dimensions: the amplitude curve is flat and strong across the frequency range, and the instrument hangs evenly from the strap — no need to adjust while playing.

It is truly an incredible machine.

FYI, plectrodon (porichthys plectrodon, or porous-fish plectrum-tooth) is a species of midshipman, a kind of fish that can hum continuously for up to an hour. I thought it was an appropriate name for a Spearfish with infinite sustain.

Thank you for your craft and vision — I am sure there are even more subtle details to become conscious of in the course of getting know the instrument!



via Rick Toone