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Beware, this is the opposite of almost every other Guitar World amp review! As a DIY musician who plays trash blues, I could give a rat’s heiney about the fine minutiae of frequencies and tube bias. I like to plug a guitar into anything, shove a slide on my finger and write songs. With that said, my wife, Melissa gave me this DIY 2.5 Watt Amp Kit ($49.99 from, and it was a great project for a couple of evenings. The lunchbox-size amp comes almost completely pre-wired and includes a birch plywood housing.

Let’s start with a demo video using two insane Musicvox MI-5 guitars (six string & 12 string versions).


For me, this was a perfect, “I-should-lighten-up-on-my-drinking-and-do-something-else-at-night” activity. Also, I’ve become one of those guys who spends his evenings smoking cigars in the woodshop and building things. I like to be surrounded by tools and guitar stuff, playing old blues on the stereo and making something musical.

via Guitar World