Ernie Ball Music Man Release February Ball Family Reserve Collection

Ernie Ball Music Man's Ball Family Reserve series is a celebration of the company's heritage in instrument craftsmanship. These rare pieces are offered in limited production runs and allow Ernie Ball Music Man to present instruments to the public that were previously reserved for family and loyal artists.┬áThis month's collection features the Majesty in Charred Silver, Valentine in Baby Blue, StingRay Special Bass in Dargie Delight 3, and the John Petrucci 15 in Paradise Pink. You can find out more about these unique guitars below.┬áMajesty in Charred SilverThis John Petrucci Majesty features a striking Charred Silver Sparkle finish covering the entire body, headstock, and back of the neck. The streamlined fretboard comes with two strips of pearl inlays, replacing the traditional Majesty shield position markers. Each guitar is also hang…
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