2018 A Fresh New Guitar Year Ahead Of You

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2018 A Fresh New Guitar Year Ahead Of You


Wow, time flies doesn’t it? Another year has gone by. I realize, you really got to take time to pause, reflect, and keep figuring out what you want in life (and what you don’t want) before it passes you by. Life is too darn precious and too darn short.

Luckily a fresh new year is ahead of us. An entire year of new blank pages to fill. You can start over, start from scratch, change your direction, experiment, improve, grow and learn new things.

Well, let’s make time for playing guitar. Let’s make it a priority. Let the trivial things in life not get in the way of the things that matter to you. Schedule dedicated daily practice time on your calendar. Set a timer on your phone for 30 to 60 minutes…and GO!

Think about where you want to stand a year from now. What would you like to accomplish on your guitar? Do you want to be able to play and sing your favourite songs on your guitar? Do you want to build and learn a repertoire of songs to be able to perform in front of people and gain self-confidence? Do you want to write and record your own songs? Do you want to learn awesome guitar solos to get to the next step? Or create your own solos and master the skill of improvisation?

What would you need to study on your guitar to get there? Do you need to practice, write or record more? Do you need to carve out time, and let go of other things to make it really happen now? Do you need to buy yourself a new acoustic or electric guitar, music software or good working audio interface, a guitar book or an awesome guitar course?

Let’s take the take the bull by the horns and make 2018 the year to make shit happen! Write down your list and work on it.

So, here are my plans for 2018.
P.S. They are not all guitar related :

Wake up early (5 a.m.)


– Fitness, Stretching, Running, Wim Hof Method

– Improve my jazz/blues improvisation skills. Practice daily for 30 minutes.
(intervals, triads, improv by ear, creating melody on the spot, transcribe solos)

– Learn to make simple and healthy lunches and dinners.

– Eat healthy and drink more water.

– 30 minutes of daily reading.

– Write and record songs.

– Learn to work with Logic Pro X (I used to work with Cubase and Protools)

– Learn to work with Final Cut Pro (video editing software)

So do you have any plans or goals for 2018? Please share them in the comments. I’d really appreciate it.

I wish you a really happy and healthy new year full of music!

Warm regards,
Klaus Crow

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