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My name is Duane Forrester. This website is a small hobby of mine, which blends a bit of what I do for a living, with a passion I enjoy. For some flavor of where I live, here’s a video I produced from a unique experience nearby to home.

(Flight over SoCal with the Commemorative Air Force for my birthday)

By day I work in digital marketing. Been doing that for about 20 years now, enjoying time with a small startup in Eastern Canada, then moving to Microsoft in Seattle. My first jobs out of college were with Caesar’s Palace casinos when they opened up properties in Canada. After leaving Microsoft I helped run a digital marketing agency in Simi Valley, California. Now I live in Camarillo, CA and work out of NYC, so commuting takes on a whole new meaning for me! In my job, I speak at conferences around the world, so I have plenty of time in airports and on airplanes to think about work and the things I’m passionate about.

I’ll state for the record that I make no money from this website. No ads, no affiliate links. Should this change, I’ll post a notice. I maintain the site because I like guitars, quality craftsmanship, electronics and music.

And speaking of music. Can I play a guitar? I mean, surely a guy who owns 7 guitars and runs a guitar-related website can play, right? Nope.

But I’m learning. I was late to decide to pick up a guitar despite having many friends who play. But now that I’ve started, I’m constantly drawn to my modest collection. I want to hold the guitars, tune them and practice on my own. Simple chords, simple scales. It all leads to minor improvements over time. Eventually I’ll be able to play a song. Until then, I’m still having a blast!

Some of my guitars…

Fender Telecaster Limited Edition

Epiphone ES 339 Pro semi hollow

Paul Reid Smith PRS SE 245 electric guitar

D'Angelico Premier Series semi hollow guitar

Taylor 245 CE Acoustic guitar

Taylor acoustic dreadnaught